Mastering life

Are your old beliefs stopping you from receiving all the gifts the universe has in store for you?  Take the time today to visualize what you want in life.  Do not allow anyone or anything to throw you off track.

Negative thoughts are a waste of time and energy. So get rid of all negative talk, and stop worrying about things that hasn’t happened. When your mind starts rambling – focus in on what you are hearing and make sure it’s positive.

Old beliefs and outcomes may be the cause of what you are attracting today. You must not allow your fears to conquer your dreams- you have to clear your mind and visualize what it is you want, and then live as if you have already received it.

Be sure to take the time to recognize it and give thanks when it appears. I’m talking about the thing you worked hard for like a promotion or for the thing you have been dreaming of like a new house. Don’t brush it off when you do receive it and look for the next problem to worry about. Instead give thanks – be grateful and humble.

Live in abundance and enjoy the journey my friends. Life is now and you are the master of your universe. Do good – think positive and be present.

January 🤔

January 2017 I tripped and broke my collar bone which took an entire year to recover and I can’t say I fully have.  The painful event made me depressed and caused me many dark days.

January 2018 I throw out my back, and was not able to move freely for about two weeks.  That is when I  said I officially hate January!

Now it’s easy for me to dwell on those negative events and other situations that were not pleasant  but that would be foolish.  That would mean I stopped living.  You see today January 14th has nothing to do with what happened earlier in the month or the year before.  Instead it’s about the now – I am focusing on this moment right now as I’m sitting in the quiet of my living room, with my family still asleep upstairs and a cup of Zen tea next to me writing my blog.

It is much easier for me to be happy when I stay in the present.  There is no anxiety about yesterday or next year because I’m too busy taking in the moment.  If we stop worrying so much about events that already happened or the ones to come we are going to miss the opportunity to enjoy our life.  Because we can not take back yesterday and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  So right now, in this moment, I declare my love for January.

Spread the love

Life makes you stronger but we must be careful not to let it harden us.  It’s important to be soft as well.  There needs to be a balance.

What do I mean by being soft?  I mean we need to have empathy, compassion and kindness when talking and dealing with eachother and ourself.  We can not walk around giving everyone a piece of our mind.  

We were created out of love and need to pass that love on.  Remember to do unto others as you would have them do unto you.   And most importantly treat yourself right.   Keep in mind that we belong to God and our creator wants us to be happy and live a good life.  

Sometimes we wake up with anxiety, worry and stress but I guarantee you if you said thank you repeatly throughout the day you will see those negative feelings disappear.  Smile people – laugh and don’t take yourself so seriously.  Say I love you when you look in the mirror because your soul deserves to hear it.  And tell those around you how much you love them as they might need to hear it as well.

Not worth my time

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you.  We all want to be liked and loved but what really matters is what we think.  It’s important to be able to look in the mirror and like what you see.

It’s not worth arguing with someone who doesn’t listen.   Know when it’s time to smile and agree to disagree.  

When someone says I want to be honest with you – what they really mean is I’m going to unleash on you.  Maybe we can save some time and say “no that’s ok – lets be polite with each other -no judgements”.

Text  messages, this is the best way to allow someone to ruin your day.  They just sit there and type away – before you know it, you are reading paragraphs on what they think of you and how great they are.  Don’t waste your time – don’t even read it – erase it and send a thumbs up.

Sometimes the people we love and care about say and do things that are hurtful.  Do not waste your time being angry at them.  And definitely do not step down to their level.  Love conquers all – don’t ruin relationships on things that don’t matter.

Remember you don’t always have to defend yourself -you know your worth and that’s all that matters.  Be strong today but be soft.  Use little words and big actions to prove your points.   Let Jesus be your teacher.









Become powerful 

Take your pain whether it’s emotional or physical to test how strong you are.  

Use your story, emotions and passion to push you to your limit and become limitless.

Use your anxiety and anger to achieve greatness.  

Overcome your tradegies and move forward to create something beautiful.

Take what scares you and use it as fuel to push you to do the things you thought you werent capable of doing.   

When you look at your fears as tools you will be able to achieve anything.

Tips to a happier life 

Do you or someone you know make life much harder than it needs to be?  Here are some tips to living a happy life.

1)  Gratitude- when you give thanks you tend to focus on what is good.  

2)  Compassion – reminds us not to judge others until we walk in the other person’s shoes.

3)  Bond – having a close bond with your family and friends makes life easier and pleasurable.

4)  Unconditional love – no strings or expectations.  Pure love through an open heart.

5)  Flexibility – when you are flexible you will be able to go with the flow.  As we all know life can be unpredictable and we need to resist the urge to stay stagnant.  Being flexible to change is key to a happy life.

 Your end of the year review is coming up

Most of us follow the same daily routines and patterns.  We are on auto pilot which can cause us to  lose our creativity and motivation for more.  Many companies conduct year end reviews highlighting their employees accomplishments, areas of improvement and goals for the next year.  A year end review is something we should incorporate in our lives.  

There is nothing more satisfing than listing out our accomplishments.  A feeling of gratitude and joy for joining the gym, starting a blog or taking a class.  There are many things we tackle each day and at the end of the year we deserve the recognition by giving ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. We are always so quick to look at our “to do” list but never take the time to reflect and  acknowledge our achievements which is the most enjoyable part.

Next we list out the areas we want to improve some examples are saving money, spending more time with our family  and cooking homemade meals. Its good to look at the areas of our lives that need more attention.  This will also eliminate excuses because once we have a list we can schedule the time to focus on what we want to improve on.  

Lastly we need to identify our goals for the upcoming year this can be split into long term goal like owning a home or short term goal like volunteering.  Once we have our goals for the upcoming year we can start focusing our day and lives around what we want to achieve.  This exercise will be a good motivator to living your best life.  

If you like what you read “How to do it all” by Linda Formichelle who gives advice to living a full and happy life while doing it all.

Formichelle, Linda (2016)  “How to do it all” Renegade writer press