Challenges of a SAHM

I recently changed my role from project manager on Wall Street to a stay at home mom.  My husband and I enrolled our daughter in daycare when she was  3 months old, so I could return back to work.  It felt good knowing she would get the proper care she needed and social interaction.  We kept her there for a year.  Then due to a firm wide job reduction I was forced to start my next chapter as a SAHM.  At first I thought this role would give me more time to care for myself, my home and family.  But in reality it has been the tough and  my 17 years of experience in corporate america did not prepare me for this role.  So we packed up and moved back to my hometown to be close to our family.  And follow the lead of my sister who has three daughters and has been my savior.  She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes.  But it was very clear that I would have less “me” time and a job with endless working hours.  When I first started off on Wall Street didn’t leave the office until 9pm.  So I know what it’s like to work hard but it didn’t compare to my new schedule and workload of a SAHM.

Facts of being a SAHM:

  1. There are no bathroom or lunch breaks
  2. This job doesn’t pay a salary or a bonus
  3. Adult conversation is tough to come by
  4. The hours are long and you are mostly on your feet all day
  5. There is no commute time where you can relax and clear your mind

So why did I decide to take this role?  I’d like to think that children are better off when a parent stays home with them.  I’m under less stress and am able to have more flexibility in my day.  A luxury a working mom does not have.  And though I’m on my feet all day, I truly believe that it’s much healthier than spending the day sitting in front of a computer.  So the bottom line is whether you are a working mom or stay at home mom being a parent is a tough job!

2 thoughts on “Challenges of a SAHM

  1. I agree SAHM is really no walk in the park there are those that give it a bad look but I’m glad you found the mentoring you needed


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