Broken collarbone – Day 3

The Doctor said between Day 3 and 5 your body will start adjusting to the pain and I would start feeling better.  Well that was not the case as I woke up in pain, feeling the burn down my arm and weird popping movements above my chest area.  I was so happy to be going to the surgeon today hoping I’d be able to schedule the surgery tomorrow.  

We dropped off our daughter at my mom’s at 8:30am and at the surgeon’s office by 9am.  The Dr came highly recommended.  My husband I were surprised to hear that the Dr did not recommend surgery.  The Dr said that multi fractures heal faster than a single break.  And though surgery would heal the collarbone quicker the risk of infection may not be worth it.  The pain factor would be much more severe after the surgery and there will be a big scar.  The Dr also mentioned that most women have a second procedure 6-9 months later to remove the plate and screws because it bothers them when wearing a bra or bag.

I expressed that I was in a lot of pain and the Dr prescribed Liodcaine medicine pads for my collar bone area and a different pain medication.  We made an appointment to see the Dr in 2 weeks for a check up.  Without surgery it will take 4-6 weeks to heal then 4-6 weeks rehabation so 3 months healing time.   

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