Ouche! Broken collarbone : Day 2

I woke up at 5am on Sunday morning in a tremendous amount of pain.  I quietly exited the bedroom trying not to wake up my daughter and husband.  When I reached the bottom of the stairs I wanted to scream but instead I started breathing exercises to control the pain.  There is a burning sensation traveling down my arm everything feels like its on fire.  At one point I lay down on the living room floor thinking I was going to pass out luckily the pain leaves.  My father brought us breakfast at 8am -two breakfast sandwiches on buttery rolls with a fluffy and delicious order of pancakes with a  side of raspberry and candy lemon?  Despite all the pain I am still always hungry.

My mother came at 10am to help me shower, she walked in out of breath.  I ask her what’s wrong and she tells me that she broke the garage door leaving to come here this morning. She said she was in such a rush (not sure why told her to come at anytime) she backed into the garage while the door was still closing.  I looked at her puzzled and she replied “we are all human”.  And all I think is “who am I to judge”.   My mother brought a metal folding chair to put into the shower and covered the seat with a towel while she used a detachable shower head to wash & condition my hair.  I thought it was brilliant having the chair in the shower so I can sit.   When it was time to put the towel on, my mother grabbed me by my left shoulder/collar bone area and I yelled out in excrusating pain seeing stars for a good 5 minutes which felt like an hour.  She felt awful but I still wouldn’t let her come near me I was done with the help and still shaking from the pain she caused me when she held my shoulder area.  I know this wasn’t her fault but my crippled body couldn’t take anymore pain.

I convinced my husband to go to Sunday lunch with out me.  Sunday lunch is a tradition my parents do at their home.  They started it when I left for college it was a way to ensure that we all come back once a week and enjoy a meal together.  It’s always a feast with a lot of delicious food, wine and dessert.  I know my husband and daughter would benefit from leaving the house so they left at 1.   And by 1:15p.m. my father shows up at my door with a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich,  bruschetta, pasta with meatballs, sausage and peppers, watermelon and sister’s coffee muffins.  I thought this was incredibly kind of my him.  My father said he didn’t want to have me wait till my husband came home with the food he wanted me to eat and enjoy the food at lunch time.  So I wouldn’t feel left out.  My father brought me so much happiness which was a natural pain killer.  After I ate I slept for most of the afternoon in the recliner.  My husband and child came back at 5pm, I was in our bedroom for a couple hours while they played downstairs then switched spots so he could put her to bed.  He then made me tea, gave me my medicine and helped me to bed.  Around 1:30am he woke me with the next round of pain killers I was so grateful I couldn’t imagine waking up in the pain I was in that morning.

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