Broken collarbone : Day 4 – here are some tips 

Today is so rough still in a lot of pain and husband woke up with a swollen toe making it  difficult for him to walk and is constantly moaning.  So annoyed that he’s hurt and it’s the same issue he had a couple of weeks ago but never  followed up with a Doctor.  He went to urgent care yesterday where they gave him antibiotics.  I feel like we’re losers I tell him.  Which he disagrees with and gently reminds me that it’s part of life.  I’m so down and depressed, in so much pain and I’m hungry but nothing tastes right.  And everytime I go to the fridge to look for something to eat like my sandwich and salad I find out my husband cleaned out the fridge and throw out my leftovers.  So mad I want to cry!  So difficult moving around and trying to take care of myself. I do not play the victim role well and now I’m arguing with my husband over a bunch of nothings.  After my husband put our daughter to sleep we had a good conversation and agreed to use love, care and respect when talking to each other.  

Five useful tips I found helpful:

1. Be patient and quiet your mind

2. Find positives – I am able to use my right arm (the arm I write with) 

3.  Drink lots of water and take stool softners to deal with all the medication in your system 

4.  Always wear a sling it protects and helps the injured area 

5.  Get Lidocaine medical pads to apply to injured area- really helps with the pain 

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