Broken collarbone  : Day 6  slowing down 

Up at 4:30am in some pain must admit even with a broken collar bone I still slept well.   I’ve always been a morning person and up around 5am each day. The wonder and possibilities of a new day brings me so much love and joy.  It’s been my favorite part of the day for a while now especially after becoming a mom.  I love having this time in the morning to myself.

My mother was accompanying my daughter to the kids gym today.  Me and my sister bring the girls every week and I was so happy my daughter was not going to miss it because I wasn’t able to go.  The surprising part was hearing my mother described her as being inclusive and shy when she arrived.  My daughter is so outgoing and social this made my mother worry a bit but after a few minutes her Zia stepped in and she was playing like her normal self again.  Sounded like my daughter wasn’t as confident without me by her side.  

Meanwhile it was my shower day and my husband washed, conditioned and style my hair I looked great.  But the best part was how much easier it was to shower and get dressed my mobility in my left is so much better!  

I had a good day able to empty the dishwasher (one handed and slowly).  My sister came to visit that evening and said I looked so much better than I did a couple of days ago.   I wasn’t surprised because I felt a lot better.  And was able to prepare some appetizers for us- all frozen foods I put in the toaster oven but I did it all by myself !  

Today’s tip- slow day and take your time.  I’ve been running around and that ends now (not that I can move fast in this sling). Sometimes an injury can be a blessing.

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