Broken collarbone : Day 7 Healing 

It’s been one week since I broke my collarbone.  I am happy to report that the pain has lessened and the light is brighter.   It felt like someone closed the shades and wasn’t allowing the light in but I realized it was the pain keeping me in the dark.  

Pain has taught me that:

  1. Time is irrelevant 
  2. Breathing exercises help
  3. Negative thoughts are useless
  4. Life can get dark/depressing 
  5. Praying works with individuals in healing sessions or prayer groups (it all helps)

My sister in law practices healing touch with sounds.  This exercise really clears my mind and recharges my body.  I know she has been working on me remotely as we don’t live close to each other.  But my sister who does live close came over and did some healing touch. I love how both my sisters and I both benefit from these sessions. 

Also talking to my friends helped.   I learned that one friend’s son and the other friend’s husband broke their collarbone.  This information made me feel  better knowing they went through it and survived.  Basically time to let it heal is important.  Which means a time out in life with schedules and errands.  Now that I’m feeling better I can enjoy resting.

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