Rabbit-Rabbit- Rabbit : Day 5

Happy 1st day of the month and Day 5 of unhappy broken collarbone.  I was up at 4:30am in pain and after my husband brought me a pk I was able to go downstairs and make myself a cup of coffee.  I prayed that I would be filled with more light and able to see all the good around me and not let my mind bring me down the road of despair.    I sat with my cup of coffee and went over the conversation I had with my husband last night and looked around with a smile, at all he has done.  My husband vaccumed, cleaned and dusted every room and quoting my husband from last night “he’s cleaning out all the nasty in the air”.   Reminding me of Corinthians 6:14-7:1 “a job description is given for Spirit filled followers of the Lord Jesus. We are to be custodians of our part of God’s house. We are to keep the temple of God’s dwelling place clean.”I always kept a clean house as the Holy Spirit and the Lord are always with me.

My husband has been amazing with our daughter keeping her on the same schedule/routine with dressing – feeding – napping and caring for her. Our daughter didn’t have to adjust much and she has been really understanding and patient with my “boo boo”.  I feel so grateful and lucky to have a man who takes such a good care of his family.

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