Doing the Extras

What kind of Mom are you?  

Earlier this week I received a phone call from a friend who was stressed out.  She was swamped at work and in a funk because she didn’t do anything special for her children for Valentine’s Day.  So instead of sleeping she decided to stay up late that night to make heart shape brownies and cookies for the girls and decorate the house.  I was baffled – why would she risk not sleeping to bake?  Wouldn’t she feel tired and cranky the next day?   

That is when I realized I was not that kind of mom.  You know the mothers that do the “extras”.  The mothers who puts their children to bed and bake and decorate all night for the holidays despite how tired they are.  I know so many mothers who are sleep deprived and stressed out because they need to do the “extras”.

I am not one of those mothers that bakes ten varieties of Christmas cookies.   I am not one of those mothers that spends countless hours decorating for the holidays. Last year we did not put up a Christmas tree due to the stress of falling pine needles and me needing to vaccum everyday (my 20 month old daughter hates the vaccum so that would be a headache). My point is I’m not one of those moms who stresses over the “extras”.  

Being a Mom is stressful enough without putting more pressure on myself.  Everyday I cook three healthy meals for my family, I take care of the house, bills, and the list goes on and on.  To stay sane I outsource the “extras” by finding ways to give my daughter those experiences without stressing myself out.  For example my daughter helped my sister and her daughters decorate their tree.  And we all helped decorate my parents tree.  

I sometimes wish I was more like my friend who puts up three Christmas trees,  stays up all night baking cookies and ordering matching holiday dresses.  Maybe one day I’ll be that Mom.  

Readers:  What are the extras you do or don’t do?  Any tips on how to do the extras without the added stress?    Do you feel guilty if you choose sleep over the “extras”.   

Love to hear from you. 

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