From baby to toddler

As a first time Mom it’s interesting to see how your job changes every month, and year.  My daughter is turning two years old and she is no longer a baby.   She is a confident walker, a beginner at talking and a little risk taker.

My daughter is an extrovert who loves to go out and be around people.  She is very affectionate to her family and friends.  But she is also reserved, and quiet taking everything in and always learning.

Yesterday we recited the alphabet a couple of times, it was the first time she did that.  She usually says A – B and D.  But yesterday we were coloring and I wrote out the alphabet and asked her to repeat after me which she did all the way to Z.  I was shocked!  But it was a good reminder that as her mother and caretaker I have to make sure I am challenging her enough.

I just started an art supply container with items for arts and crafts (crayons, markers and paints are all washable). And a big roll of paper we roll out on the floor so we can practice our alphabet and numbers.  I also bought baking goods in hopes that I’ll have the courage to bake brownies together.   Yesterday we played on the iPad – my husband downloaded free children apps which I must admit were a lot of fun and educational.

It feels like I am living my childhood again which is a lot of fun.  But this time I’m the mother who the child looks to for guidance, love and support.  I feel blessed and excited to be on this growth journey with her.





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