Zero to ten

Has your emotions gotten the best of you lately? Have you gone from  zero to 10 where one minute you’re calm and the next minute you’re ready to explode? Most of us can relate to feeling this way, some of us more often than others.

I recall being in the car with my friend laughing, listening to music and talking.  Then out of no where she starts yelling, hitting her steering wheel and honking her horn.  A car must have cut her off and she went nuts and lost it.  It took her a while to recover from her emotional episode and I never got in the car  with her again.  I remember thinking what’s the big deal – why go there?

I was taking the ferry to work and while waiting to get into my row a woman cuts in front of me and starts to sit down then she turn to me and said  “I don’t want the middle seat-you go in first”.  With a smile and a calm demeanor I pointed out that I was going in first until she cut me off.  She was so upset with my response that she looked at me and called me a bitch.  And I quietly laugh to myself thinking how funny and ridiculous she was.

My point is I don’t allow strangers to ruin my day.  If I’m not in any danger I ignore the bad behavior, and move on.  It’s not my mess to pick up.  

As you start your day and your commute remember to not let your emotions get the best of you.  And when other people behave badly just move on – even if they are calling you a “bitch”.   It’s not your problem.

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