Marriage is teamwork 

Marriage is a big commitment and it’s important to have the proper ceremonies before taking your vows. Take the time to include your family and friends and have a bridal shower,  bachelor/bachelorette party and wedding ceremony.  As the love and support received at this magical time is important.  

Marriage can be difficult as you need to think of someone other than yourself.   And care for your partner with love, respect and compassion.  There is also a consensus needed on most household decisions including financial, career and health.   And though studies show that married people live longer study also shows that arguing over financies is the number 1 reason for divorce.  So though you are taking better care of yourself- are you working as a team when it comes to finances?  

It’s important to recognize eachothers strengths.   When my husband has a work issue or scheduling problem he comes to me.  We sit down and discuss the next steps and I step in to make sure he has all the tools he needs to be successful.  We are a team – I am his cheerleader – his sound board and his biggest fan.  His problems are my problems and vice versa.

As a married couple it’s important that you don’t have your head in the sand.  You need to be involved in every aspect of eachothers life including financies and career.  When you work as a team you can’t blame the other person  because every decision made is a team effort.  And you are both in this together.

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