Spring break with our two year old 

A couple of weeks ago we took our two year daughter to Puerto Rico and had a fabulous time. 

The plane ride over is always a little stressful but we managed to keep her happy by giving her the iPad with her favorite shows we downloaded and new toys (miniature paw patrol set, Melissa and Doug invisible ink coloring book) and lots of snacks.

When we arrived we picked up our rental car with a car seat.  Renting a car was the best decision – as we made frequent trips to the grocery store, Walgreens, as well as day trips to San Juan and drives through the rainforest during her naps.

We loved our resort esspecially because we booked a suite with a kitchen.  The kitchen was key as it was easy for me to make breakfast (before the breakfast buffet was open).   And her favorite pasta, snacks and warm milk bottles for nap time.  The grocery store was close by which made it easy to pick up food and wine which costed $10 a bottle instead of $12 a drink at the resort.  We also picked up diapers – baby shampoo and other items I didn’t want to pack as it costed the same to purchase there.

My husband did pack the Apple TV which was the best thing we brought because our daughter was able to watch her favorite shows while getting ready in the morning or  when we came back home from our activities.  It also brought her a sense of peace.  If you haven’t invested in an Apple TV please do – it’s much cheaper than cable and the box is wallet size so it’s easy to travel with.  

Our daughter loved being away.  She was very happy with the pool but more excited for the beach which allowed her to play in the sand and stroll in the ocean which was calm and warm.   I was surprised that she didn’t mind the sand as she usually gives me her hands to wash often saying “mess”.  

Our vacation was exactly what me and my husband needed.  It felt so good to be away from the rain and cold weather we left back home.  And to be honest we were getting cabin fever which meant more arguments.  We decided we needed a vacation and we are so glad we went as it was the best therapy.   My husband looked at me differently in my new summer wardrobe  giving me compliments and bringing the passion back into our marriage.  The best part was having our daughter with us which reminded us how blessed we are.  

I hope this blog has convinced you to take a vacation.  Please feel free to send me any questions or concerns you may have traveling with a toddler.  

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