Doctor’s visit 

My daughter hates going to the Doctor.  As soon as we pull into the parking lot of the Drs office my toddler is already in panic mode, crying and begging to go home.

Here’s what I find helps:

Prepare your child for the visit.  By letting your child know that today we are going to the Dr. then explain what to expect and act it out.   For example the Dr will check your ears, and throat today then act it out by showing the child what will be done.

If possible bring another adult with you when you know your child will be getting a vaccine.  So one person can hold the child on their lap while the other one holds the child’s feet down (when given vaccine in the thighs).  Also the person holding child should hold the child with left arm while lifting their right arm up to block the child’s view of the nurse giving the shot.

Lastly make appointments in the morning or right after the child’s nap so the child is at their best self.  

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