Last night I had the most vivid dream of Ivanka Trump.   The dream started off with me arriving at Ivanka’s front door of her beautiful rental house.  Ivanka greeted me at the door with a warm smile and a hug.  The house was empty but had lots of windows.  I remember Ivanka applying Chanel perfume from a beautiful yellow bottle which was not on the market yet.  We attended a party being held at someone’s home.  I remember being in a big white dining room with crown molding and hardwood floors.  Ivanka and I were laughing and it felt so good to be around her but as we started to walk I noticed her shadow growing taller and remember saying to her when did you put on those heels?  Then I woke up and was sad to see Ivanka gone.  

I usually don’t remember my dreams but so glad I did.  It felt good being a part of a different world that was careless and fun.  Made me feel alive and motivated to start my day.  

What have you been dreaming about?

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