Worrying about the future?

So many of us worry about the future, stress over tomorrow and forget that everything is situational.  Life is full of changes and that scares so many of us. 

Change should be looked at as a rite of passage.  From the moment you are born you start changing.  Whether its starting school, getting your license, getting older.  The natural progression happens through change.  So why does change bring so much stress?

Many of us don’t want to reinvent ourselves or make changes in our life.  Its nice to have familiarity and get up at the same time each day with your morning routine, do the same commute we have now mastered and continue going to the same job we don’t love.

The point is change is good, and while its smart to plan for the future it shouldn’t be something that consumes you. Put your energy in the now and welcome new opportunities that come your way.   Be brave, be bold and most importantly be optimistic.






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