Best friend or Frenemy?

I was listening to Louise Hay on you tube discussing positive affirmations.  She said “your thoughts are your best friend”.

This was a new concept for me – yes my thoughts should be my best friend but most of us will agree that our thoughts don’t always resemble a best friend but rather a frenemy. With self criticism that slows us down and causes self doubt. 

A best friend adores you – says how amazing you are, and always has your back. So why not make our thoughts our best friend?!   With enough practice we can change our thoughts to be in our favor.  And become our biggest fan.  

To practice positive affirmations: go to fellow blogger website master of something to read the best of friends

2 thoughts on “Best friend or Frenemy?

  1. Sorry I’ve taken a while but thanks for the link to my post. I hadn’t thought of using it as a reminder of what my own thoughts should be doing. My thoughts are so often most definitely not my best friend so this post has been helpful. Thanks.

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