Life is a beach 

Last night my husband wanted me to go to the beach with him and our daughter.  Go to beach?  It’s 6:00pm on a Wednesday!  I can’t go to the beach.

The excuse that it was a week night- the excuse that I had to prepare dinner – and the list went on and on.  My husband was clearly disappointed and left to go upstairs to his office.

I felt sad.  Why was I depriving myself and my family from enjoying ourselves?  I love spending time with my family – I love the beach and watching my daughter play on the swings.  Dinner wasn’t made – nothing was defrosted we could always pick up dinner on the way back home.

I called up to my husband and told him we would be leaving in 10 minutes.  I packed a beach bag and we headed to the beach.  

We had a lovely time at the beach.  It was so nice to enjoy the ocean air and walk in the sand.  My heart grew watching my daughter laugh and smile while my husband pushed her on the swings.  

I was so happy that I didn’t let my excuses rob my family from joy and happiness.  And grateful that I chose to live life to the fullest as tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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