Not my business 

You may not be able to control your environment, or the people around you but that’s not your business.  It’s important to stay in your business so you can be present and happy.

The other day I walked into my neighborhood nail salon (which recently opened a year ago).  I try to go weekly to treat myself and bring a friend or family member so we can catch up.  The owner is not too friendly and never says hello or smiles when we come in.  Though the customer service is not great I still go because it’s clean, and close to home.

This last experience was not a pleasant one as the nail polish came out streaky.  So I asked the technician to repaint them.  She was not happy and became very defensive the manager/ owner came over and blamed it on my nails. I was in shock by her reaction (and the other two clients in the salon were as well).  I kept my cool and just laid out the facts that I was not happy with their accusations about my nails esspecially since I come in every week and never had a problem.  I calmly told them this would be my last time at this salon.  

What happened to the customer is always right? 

The lesson I took away is you shouldn’t do business with people that make you uncomfortable.  My gut was telling me something is not right – why is it that we walk in with a smile and say hello but never get a smile back?  I knew the owner was not a happy person but yet I allowed her into my happy bubble.

When I got home I was complaining about it and then realized that I was not minding my own business. This was not my problem nor my business.  I quickly let it go and hugged my daughter and husband.

I’m so blessed and thankful that I almost felt sorry for the owner – not only did she lose two customers but she was not a happy person.  What a terrible way to live.  I will pray for her as in many cases we don’t know what the other person is going through. And I will respect myself by not going back.

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