Today we are going to open our mind and thoughts to receiving.  We are going to be limitless and open up the gates to everything we want.  There is only abundance and love in our lives.

Life is full of love, peace and serenity.  And we deserve to allow these positive emotions into our heart and seek out what it is that we want.  There is no one holding us back from getting what we desire- good health, love, wealth and happiness is within our reach.  

Believe and you shall receive.   Keep your thoughts clear and your mind focused on what it is that you want.  We have the power to obtain our dreams and goals.  Our thoughts and actions dictate our future.  

Be open to receive – be grateful for what you have and know there are no limits on what you can achieve.  Stay balanced don’t give away your energy on what you don’t want – stay grounded and only focus on abundance.  Know that you deserve the best and the universe wants to make you happy.

Don’t waste time on worries as these negative feelings will only delay and block you from receiving.  Stay in the now – know that you are worthy to receive.  Believe you have what you need and it will be there for you.

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