Baby there’s a shark in the water 

I went to the acquarium on Monday and heard something interesting – the maritime volunteer  said we have electricity and energy in our body that sharks can feel.  If a new diver went into the shark tank to feed the sharks and the diver was nervous the electrity – pulses they send out would make the  shark feel tense and uncomfortable and the shark would stay clear of that diver. 

What an interesting piece of information.  If sharks can feel this electricity and energy what about humans?  When we are around certain people who have  low energy we feel dragged down- depressed and uncomfortable.  While being around people with high energy makes us feel motivated, alive and energized.

When we feel down and depressed we are sending out low frequency vibrations that are attracting the wrong people and relationships.  We need to take care of ourselves and be the person who attracts high energy people so we can get on a higher frequency.  

When we surround ourselves with winners we become a winner.  Those who are spirituality connected have a higher frequency.   And are happy, successful and satisfied with their life.

Today be aware of what energy you are putting out there.  Everyday make an effort to be on a higher frequency so you are attracting the right people in your life.  Get spiritually connected to your inner self and the universe-  this will be the quickest way to get on the right wave length. 

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