January 🤔

January 2017 I tripped and broke my collar bone which took an entire year to recover and I can’t say I fully have.  The painful event made me depressed and caused me many dark days.

January 2018 I throw out my back, and was not able to move freely for about two weeks.  That is when I  said I officially hate January!

Now it’s easy for me to dwell on those negative events and other situations that were not pleasant  but that would be foolish.  That would mean I stopped living.  You see today January 14th has nothing to do with what happened earlier in the month or the year before.  Instead it’s about the now – I am focusing on this moment right now as I’m sitting in the quiet of my living room, with my family still asleep upstairs and a cup of Zen tea next to me writing my blog.

It is much easier for me to be happy when I stay in the present.  There is no anxiety about yesterday or next year because I’m too busy taking in the moment.  If we stop worrying so much about events that already happened or the ones to come we are going to miss the opportunity to enjoy our life.  Because we can not take back yesterday and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.  So right now, in this moment, I declare my love for January.

6 thoughts on “January 🤔

  1. Ugh.. life seems hard till we lose our health.. then it’s really hard and we realise it was easy before. We are funny creatures… hopefully next Jan is a lovely holiday and not an injury in sight!!


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