Mastering life

Are your old beliefs stopping you from receiving all the gifts the universe has in store for you?  Take the time today to visualize what you want in life.  Do not allow anyone or anything to throw you off track.

Negative thoughts are a waste of time and energy. So get rid of all negative talk, and stop worrying about things that hasn’t happened. When your mind starts rambling – focus in on what you are hearing and make sure it’s positive.

Old beliefs and outcomes may be the cause of what you are attracting today. You must not allow your fears to conquer your dreams- you have to clear your mind and visualize what it is you want, and then live as if you have already received it.

Be sure to take the time to recognize it and give thanks when it appears. I’m talking about the thing you worked hard for like a promotion or for the thing you have been dreaming of like a new house. Don’t brush it off when you do receive it and look for the next problem to worry about. Instead give thanks – be grateful and humble.

Live in abundance and enjoy the journey my friends. Life is now and you are the master of your universe. Do good – think positive and be present.

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