Live for today 

Today I want you to try something new and that’s focusing on the now.  Not focusing on what happened yesterday or what’s coming tomorrow but being in the present.

Don’t put off anything you can do today, make the phone calls to your loved ones, take time to go outside and listen to the birds chirp.   And forgive anyone who has hurt you – let it all go. 

The only thing that matters is today.  If you are crying about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow you are robbing yourself of the present.

Life is a gift and waking up to a new day is not something we should take for granted. Today is what matters, make it count.  Live as though it’s your last day on earth.   Because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

Keeping a routine

Its never too early to have your child on a schedule.   My child has been on a schedule since she was 3 months old.   Thanks to the daycare I enrolled her in, which expected a schedule of when she eats, sleeps and plays.  

Children who follow a routine are less stressed and happier. Worry and anxiety doesn’t exist when a child knows their routine and are familiar with their schedule.

My daughter is now 2 years old and though she’s no longer in daycare she still follows a schedule and we love it. She eats, sleeps and plays well. Which makes my life easier because I can plan my days around her naps and take her out when she’s at her best self.

It’s not always easy to stick to the schedule but once it becomes a routine it’s a blessing.  

Spring is here

Spring time means a new beginning, a time of awakening and starting over.  Time to declutter the mind, body and soul.

Spring is a reminder to get healthy again.  And  quiet the mind and get centered.  Purge all things that do not work for us, so we can make room for what’s important.  This time of year it’s good to clean out the fridge, closets and your mind.

Questions should be asked like:  Am I happy? Do I surround myself with people I look up to and support me? Am I feeding my soul?

It’s important to spring clean all areas of your life so you can focus on what matters. Happy Spring to all of you.  May you find peace, health and wealth.







Find your way 

There has been a time in my life that I believed that nothing came easy and you had to struggle to reach your goals.  Then the light bulb went off and I started seeing things differently.

When I started college I choose psychology as my  major and was struggling to  keep my grades up.  I started to doubt myself and wondered if school was right for me.  Luckily I just received a “A” in my international business class and everything became clear.  I quickly changed my major and made Dean’s list.  It was that easy.

Dating was another struggle I found myself putting too much energy in the wrong men.  I recall my friend saying to me that love doesn’t hurt.   When I started to date my husband it was easy and I finally understood what my friend meant.  Love should not be a struggle and when it’s right it feels wonderful.

Be careful not to put your energy into something that doesn’t bring you happiness.  Negative emotions are good indicators that it’s time to re evaluate the situation and make a change.  Whether these emotions are towards a relationship, work or yourself pay attention to them.  But don’t over analysis your thoughts take note of what your mind is telling you, find a solution and move on.  Most importantly listen to your heart for it always holds the truth.

Life can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.  Don’t live inside your own head of excuses.  When you find what’s right for you – you will achieve your goals effortlessly.  


Worrying about the future?

So many of us worry about the future, stress over tomorrow and forget that everything is situational.  Life is full of changes and that scares so many of us. 

Change should be looked at as a rite of passage.  From the moment you are born you start changing.  Whether its starting school, getting your license, getting older.  The natural progression happens through change.  So why does change bring so much stress?

Many of us don’t want to reinvent ourselves or make changes in our life.  Its nice to have familiarity and get up at the same time each day with your morning routine, do the same commute we have now mastered and continue going to the same job we don’t love.

The point is change is good, and while its smart to plan for the future it shouldn’t be something that consumes you. Put your energy in the now and welcome new opportunities that come your way.   Be brave, be bold and most importantly be optimistic.






Are layoffs a bad thing?

I never understood why companies layoff good people.  Yes I heard it’s to reduce headcount but in many large corporations a new person in the group next door is hired and the person who has been loyal and knows the system are let go.  And that makes no sense to me because the cost to onboard a new hire and the resources it takes to train them is expensive.

In any case one can make many arguments in regards to layoffs but that fact is it happens to millions of people.  But is it such a bad thing?

One faces many emotions when losing a job.  And though you may know your worth your mind still races with unfavorable thoughts in panic mode.

The truth is the company that you use to work for will not crumble without you.  And nor will you crumble without them.  In many cases you are back on the market looking for a higher position with a higher salary.  This is the time to reinvent yourself, dig down dip within yourself and show the world what you are made of.  One can not grow without challenges.  And finding a new job is a challenge but it can also be liberating as you have permission to boast about yourself, letting people know your skills and why you would be an asset to their firm.  


Last night I had the most vivid dream of Ivanka Trump.   The dream started off with me arriving at Ivanka’s front door of her beautiful rental house.  Ivanka greeted me at the door with a warm smile and a hug.  The house was empty but had lots of windows.  I remember Ivanka applying Chanel perfume from a beautiful yellow bottle which was not on the market yet.  We attended a party being held at someone’s home.  I remember being in a big white dining room with crown molding and hardwood floors.  Ivanka and I were laughing and it felt so good to be around her but as we started to walk I noticed her shadow growing taller and remember saying to her when did you put on those heels?  Then I woke up and was sad to see Ivanka gone.  

I usually don’t remember my dreams but so glad I did.  It felt good being a part of a different world that was careless and fun.  Made me feel alive and motivated to start my day.  

What have you been dreaming about?