Enough with the “but”

The word “but” should be eliminated from the English language.  It’s never good when you hear “but”….it’s like oh no here comes the let down.

It was a good date “but”, the food was good “but”- enough with the “but”.  Just keep it positive.  The word “but” always wipes the smile off people’s faces.

I can see it now Cupid is about to shoot his arrow just as he’s ready to let go the word “but” comes out and the arrow hits a tree instead.  The universe is listening and ready to give you what you want and again the word “but” comes out and poof it’s gone.

So the next time you are about to use the word “but” please think about the phrase Debbie Downer and do the right thing.  Keep it positive – life is much more rewarding when you eliminate the word “but”.

Not my business 

You may not be able to control your environment, or the people around you but that’s not your business.  It’s important to stay in your business so you can be present and happy.

The other day I walked into my neighborhood nail salon (which recently opened a year ago).  I try to go weekly to treat myself and bring a friend or family member so we can catch up.  The owner is not too friendly and never says hello or smiles when we come in.  Though the customer service is not great I still go because it’s clean, and close to home.

This last experience was not a pleasant one as the nail polish came out streaky.  So I asked the technician to repaint them.  She was not happy and became very defensive the manager/ owner came over and blamed it on my nails. I was in shock by her reaction (and the other two clients in the salon were as well).  I kept my cool and just laid out the facts that I was not happy with their accusations about my nails esspecially since I come in every week and never had a problem.  I calmly told them this would be my last time at this salon.  

What happened to the customer is always right? 

The lesson I took away is you shouldn’t do business with people that make you uncomfortable.  My gut was telling me something is not right – why is it that we walk in with a smile and say hello but never get a smile back?  I knew the owner was not a happy person but yet I allowed her into my happy bubble.

When I got home I was complaining about it and then realized that I was not minding my own business. This was not my problem nor my business.  I quickly let it go and hugged my daughter and husband.

I’m so blessed and thankful that I almost felt sorry for the owner – not only did she lose two customers but she was not a happy person.  What a terrible way to live.  I will pray for her as in many cases we don’t know what the other person is going through. And I will respect myself by not going back.

Celebrating changes in our relationships

I recently heard a wonderful woman say that relationships constantly change because we ourselves change.  So what has worked in the past, might not work in the present.  This woman just celebrated 43 years of marriage.

I’m not sure why what she said surprised me.  It makes a lot of sense we do change and grow.  So it would make sense that we need to take that into account when we are in a relationship.

Often times you will hear couples say that “things have changed” and it’s almost in a negative light.  For example “we have children now so we don’t have time for eachother”.  Or “my husband just retired and he’s always home now and he should be helping more with the housework”.  The list goes on and on.  

Many people are scared of change and this can test a relationship.  Instead of holding on to “the way things were” we need to be flexible and make tweaks in our relationship in order to make it work.

Remember to celebrate life changes, and milestones.  And to listen – really listen to eachother and allow our relationship to grow and change as we do.


When life is out of balance and you feel like everything is in a whirlwind.  It may be time to ask for guidance.  

So many times we think we know the answers but instead we are fustrated because things don’t get easier and no matter what we try we come back to the same frustrations and pain points.

I was at a crossroad recently where I didn’t know where to turn.  While talking to a friend she suggested to quiet the mind – open my heart and ask for guidance.  Genius!  Why haven’t I thought to ask for guidance?   I believe in manifestations and the power of prayer but I usually ask for what I want.  It never occurred to me to ask for guidance.

Many times we just need to ask for help – sit still and wait for an answer -an omen -a symbol.  You see we may not always have the answer but our soul is connected to a higher being that does.  

Thank you

I want to thank WordPress and all the bloggers out there for inspiring me, sharing their stories, insights, lessons, heartaches and celebrations.  The stories of success, love and happiness puts a smile on my face.  The tips on mediating, life, and overcoming obstacles makes me a stronger person.

This forum/community has shown me how amazing human beings are and how much more we are than the body we walk around in.  The spiritual enlightenment and the reminder that we are the divine has grounded me.   I am humbled by the blogs I read.  They make me laugh, cry but most importantly make me a better person.

Everyday I learn something new.  Everyday I’m inspired and motivated by all of you.   Thank you for taking the time to write.  Belonging to this community has enriched my life.  And I can not thank you enough for that.


A simple technique for a peaceful life.

We all have those days where we can’t silence the mind.  It just races with thoughts, things to do, and worries.  As your mind races you feel anxious and uneasy.

The other night this happened to me, and I was having a tough time escaping the noise.  I needed help getting centered.  So I turned on You Tube and watched Eckhart Tolle TV.

Eckhart Tolle has a smoothing voice, within minutes I was feeling better.  Eckhart’s solution to quieting the mind was to be in the present.  He spoke about the ego, “I am this”, “I have this”, “I need that”, and so on.  The ego attaches itself to wealth, possessions, roles, but the ego can not live in the present.  

As I am listening to Eckhart I start paying attention to the present.  I feel my body getting calmer, every breath I take my heart slows and my mind settles.  In the present you are not worried about what happened in the past or what the future holds.  You are living in the now.

I have been practicing this method for two weeks and am amazed by the results.  I have a feeling of power and peace.  I am at ease.  

La vita bella 

I open my heart and arms to love. 

I seek out peace and pursue it daily.  

When I see a happy person I smile and nod to let them know I’m happy as well.

I realize that life can be tough and that is why I surround myself with happy, strong people who lift me up.  

I run from unhappy people who point fingers of blame on everyone else for their problems.

I am love – I am joy – I am peace but most of all I am a miracle because I’m alive.  

I choose to live everyday to the fullest.  

I don’t have time to see what missing in my life because I’m too busy being grateful for everything I do have.

Today as you start your day or end it -remember to give thanks for all that is good in your life.