Tips to a happier life 

Do you or someone you know make life much harder than it needs to be?  Here are some tips to living a happy life.

1)  Gratitude- when you give thanks you tend to focus on what is good.  

2)  Compassion – reminds us not to judge others until we walk in the other person’s shoes.

3)  Bond – having a close bond with your family and friends makes life easier and pleasurable.

4)  Unconditional love – no strings or expectations.  Pure love through an open heart.

5)  Flexibility – when you are flexible you will be able to go with the flow.  As we all know life can be unpredictable and we need to resist the urge to stay stagnant.  Being flexible to change is key to a happy life.

 Your end of the year review is coming up

Most of us follow the same daily routines and patterns.  We are on auto pilot which can cause us to  lose our creativity and motivation for more.  Many companies conduct year end reviews highlighting their employees accomplishments, areas of improvement and goals for the next year.  A year end review is something we should incorporate in our lives.  

There is nothing more satisfing than listing out our accomplishments.  A feeling of gratitude and joy for joining the gym, starting a blog or taking a class.  There are many things we tackle each day and at the end of the year we deserve the recognition by giving ourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. We are always so quick to look at our “to do” list but never take the time to reflect and  acknowledge our achievements which is the most enjoyable part.

Next we list out the areas we want to improve some examples are saving money, spending more time with our family  and cooking homemade meals. Its good to look at the areas of our lives that need more attention.  This will also eliminate excuses because once we have a list we can schedule the time to focus on what we want to improve on.  

Lastly we need to identify our goals for the upcoming year this can be split into long term goal like owning a home or short term goal like volunteering.  Once we have our goals for the upcoming year we can start focusing our day and lives around what we want to achieve.  This exercise will be a good motivator to living your best life.  

If you like what you read “How to do it all” by Linda Formichelle who gives advice to living a full and happy life while doing it all.

Formichelle, Linda (2016)  “How to do it all” Renegade writer press

Here is what I have learned thus far…

80% of our thoughts serve no value.

Emotional intelligence is the key to professional and personal success. 

Letting go of expectations guarantees happiness. 

I am what I allow myself to be.

You can’t escape Karma.  

The universe is a reflection pool that observes all.

People will only treat you the way you allow them to.

Everything is a lesson if you are willing to learn

Love conquers all.

You have a choice 

You can’t be positive and have negative thoughts.  You can choose to the see the good in every situation.

You can’t fully love with judgement and expectations. You can choose to love unconditionally.

You can not allow the past to hold you prisoner.  You can be present and live in the now by focusing on what’s around you at this very moment.

You can’t forgive it you are still cursing the person in your head. You can let go of the pain as it’s no longer serves you.

My friends please be sure to check your thoughts   throughout the day and make sure they align with your beliefs.  

My mantra

Be grateful everyday, and strive to be better than yesterday.  This is my mantra.  By having a personal statement you are reminded that life doesn’t control you – YOU control life.  We have the choice to be happy or miserable.

Life doesn’t just happen we make it happen.   By using free will we are creating our own reality.    Our actions causes reactions in our lives and happiness.  So before making a decision be sure to think of the consequences.

To live a peaceful life we must act with compassion towards one another.  And respect everything and everyone around us.   If we work hard for what we want, we will be able to achieve it.  Be passionate about life and create the life you want.




There are no problems only solutions 

The definition of Stubbornness and madness sound the same to me.  The definition of stubbornness is dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something.  Like the definition of madness: doing the same thing and expecting different results.

It’s difficult to watch stubborn people repeatedly making the same mistakes because they refuse to take ownership of the situation they are in.  The only one that can make your situation better is YOU.   Blaming others or the environment is a waste of energy.  Waiting for someone else to make it better for you is also a waste of time.

My best advice here is to pay attention to the areas in your life that you are struggling with whether it’s your family life, personal goals or work.  Ask yourself questions like:

What can I do differently to achieve the result I want?  What feedback or constructive criticism can I use to move ahead?  Am I keeping a pleasant and happy attitude while trying to find a solution?

Remember you are the only one who can improve your situation.  Take ownership of your life and your problems.  And give thanks for recognizing the problem.

Life is what you make of it

Life is as easy or as difficult as you make it.   One can wake up and thank the universe for a new day.  Or you can wake up grunting and upset that it’s morning and keep hitting the snooze button.

One can look at sleep as the caffeine he or she needs to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Or think that the day can not start until the caffeine kicks in from their morning coffee.

When it’s time to go to work one can dread it – complain about the commute and sulk.  Or put a smile on their face and be grateful to have a job to go to.

You see it’s all about perspective if you look at the glass as being half empty then you are most likely going to find things to complain about.  However if you are truly appreciative of life and you roll with the punches you will find yourself happy and successful.