Baby there’s a shark in the water 

I went to the acquarium on Monday and heard something interesting – the maritime volunteer  said we have electricity and energy in our body that sharks can feel.  If a new diver went into the shark tank to feed the sharks and the diver was nervous the electrity – pulses they send out would make the  shark feel tense and uncomfortable and the shark would stay clear of that diver. 

What an interesting piece of information.  If sharks can feel this electricity and energy what about humans?  When we are around certain people who have  low energy we feel dragged down- depressed and uncomfortable.  While being around people with high energy makes us feel motivated, alive and energized.

When we feel down and depressed we are sending out low frequency vibrations that are attracting the wrong people and relationships.  We need to take care of ourselves and be the person who attracts high energy people so we can get on a higher frequency.  

When we surround ourselves with winners we become a winner.  Those who are spirituality connected have a higher frequency.   And are happy, successful and satisfied with their life.

Today be aware of what energy you are putting out there.  Everyday make an effort to be on a higher frequency so you are attracting the right people in your life.  Get spiritually connected to your inner self and the universe-  this will be the quickest way to get on the right wave length. 


Today we are going to open our mind and thoughts to receiving.  We are going to be limitless and open up the gates to everything we want.  There is only abundance and love in our lives.

Life is full of love, peace and serenity.  And we deserve to allow these positive emotions into our heart and seek out what it is that we want.  There is no one holding us back from getting what we desire- good health, love, wealth and happiness is within our reach.  

Believe and you shall receive.   Keep your thoughts clear and your mind focused on what it is that you want.  We have the power to obtain our dreams and goals.  Our thoughts and actions dictate our future.  

Be open to receive – be grateful for what you have and know there are no limits on what you can achieve.  Stay balanced don’t give away your energy on what you don’t want – stay grounded and only focus on abundance.  Know that you deserve the best and the universe wants to make you happy.

Don’t waste time on worries as these negative feelings will only delay and block you from receiving.  Stay in the now – know that you are worthy to receive.  Believe you have what you need and it will be there for you.

Let it go 

We all go through emotionally hard times.  

Days where you share your feelings in hopes of getting compassion but the conversation turns into a battle of hurtful words.  It’s fustrating when you don’t get the results you are looking for. 

Arguments can turn ugly and can cause pain.   Anger is poison and toxic to your body and your relationship.  Take control of your health and saniety by ending the argument.  Find peace because the damage you can cause is not easy to fix.   

Be good to yourself

Self care is not a luxury it’s a necessity. Most of us put ourselves last and everything else first. The needs of others are not more important than our own needs.

How is your relationship with yourself? 

Do you check in and ask yourself how you are feeling?  

What have you done for yourself to let your body know you are important?

It’s important that we do what makes us happy.  When we are happy and grounded we are healthier and stronger.  We can listen more and be more aware of our environment which makes us better people, partners, friends and parents.

What good are you to others if you are dehydrated- hungry – sick – stressed – depressed- unhealthy?  

You must check in everyday to make sure you are getting what you need in order to take care of those around you. Be good to yourself my friends. You deserve it!

It’s a beautiful day – don’t let it get away 

It’s always hard for me to sit down and rest.  There is always something I need or want to do.  I get so excited when I’m able to put a check next to an item on my to do list. But life is different now. I don’t always have the time to actually write a “to do list” it’s more of a mental check list of things to do. 

I feel more relaxed now, even though I rarely have time for myself.  There is a feeling of calm and assurance that I’m right where I’m suppose to be.

I recently read on linked in that people who are depressed live in the past while people who live in the future are anxious.  I’m perfectly content in the present.  

My spirituality gives me the confidence I need to be present.  This feeling makes me happy- secure and calm.  I love feeling calm it’s one of my favorite emotions.

Enough with the “but”

The word “but” should be eliminated from the English language.  It’s never good when you hear “but”….it’s like oh no here comes the let down.

It was a good date “but”, the food was good “but”- enough with the “but”.  Just keep it positive.  The word “but” always wipes the smile off people’s faces.

I can see it now Cupid is about to shoot his arrow just as he’s ready to let go the word “but” comes out and the arrow hits a tree instead.  The universe is listening and ready to give you what you want and again the word “but” comes out and poof it’s gone.

So the next time you are about to use the word “but” please think about the phrase Debbie Downer and do the right thing.  Keep it positive – life is much more rewarding when you eliminate the word “but”.

Not my business 

You may not be able to control your environment, or the people around you but that’s not your business.  It’s important to stay in your business so you can be present and happy.

The other day I walked into my neighborhood nail salon (which recently opened a year ago).  I try to go weekly to treat myself and bring a friend or family member so we can catch up.  The owner is not too friendly and never says hello or smiles when we come in.  Though the customer service is not great I still go because it’s clean, and close to home.

This last experience was not a pleasant one as the nail polish came out streaky.  So I asked the technician to repaint them.  She was not happy and became very defensive the manager/ owner came over and blamed it on my nails. I was in shock by her reaction (and the other two clients in the salon were as well).  I kept my cool and just laid out the facts that I was not happy with their accusations about my nails esspecially since I come in every week and never had a problem.  I calmly told them this would be my last time at this salon.  

What happened to the customer is always right? 

The lesson I took away is you shouldn’t do business with people that make you uncomfortable.  My gut was telling me something is not right – why is it that we walk in with a smile and say hello but never get a smile back?  I knew the owner was not a happy person but yet I allowed her into my happy bubble.

When I got home I was complaining about it and then realized that I was not minding my own business. This was not my problem nor my business.  I quickly let it go and hugged my daughter and husband.

I’m so blessed and thankful that I almost felt sorry for the owner – not only did she lose two customers but she was not a happy person.  What a terrible way to live.  I will pray for her as in many cases we don’t know what the other person is going through. And I will respect myself by not going back.