Change the way you feel

Tony Robbins says if you want to change the way you feel – change the way you move.

I took his advice by taking a morning walk. Every morning by 6:30am I was out the door enjoying a quiet walk with nature. I could feel my body relaxing as soon as I took in the fresh air. By the time I got to the second loop my mind was quiet. I felt at peace.

It’s amazing how important moving is. We had a few weeks of heavy rain here which caused me tremendous pain in my bones from pass injuries. I blamed the rain; my doctor blamed osteoporosis.

My pain was so bad I could hardly pick up my arm. At that point I started with stretching and from there I went to using weights and building up my muscle tone to get the strength back into my arm.

Exercise was the only thing that made me feel better and took away the pain.

Spring is here

Spring time means a new beginning, a time of awakening and starting over.  Time to declutter the mind, body and soul.

Spring is a reminder to get healthy again.  And  quiet the mind and get centered.  Purge all things that do not work for us, so we can make room for what’s important.  This time of year it’s good to clean out the fridge, closets and your mind.

Questions should be asked like:  Am I happy? Do I surround myself with people I look up to and support me? Am I feeding my soul?

It’s important to spring clean all areas of your life so you can focus on what matters. Happy Spring to all of you.  May you find peace, health and wealth.