When life is out of balance and you feel like everything is in a whirlwind.  It may be time to ask for guidance.  

So many times we think we know the answers but instead we are fustrated because things don’t get easier and no matter what we try we come back to the same frustrations and pain points.

I was at a crossroad recently where I didn’t know where to turn.  While talking to a friend she suggested to quiet the mind – open my heart and ask for guidance.  Genius!  Why haven’t I thought to ask for guidance?   I believe in manifestations and the power of prayer but I usually ask for what I want.  It never occurred to me to ask for guidance.

Many times we just need to ask for help – sit still and wait for an answer -an omen -a symbol.  You see we may not always have the answer but our soul is connected to a higher being that does.