What are your thoughts saying?

I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out over the amount of work I had.  I was in a funk and complaining a lot about the house work and the pressures of being a Mom and a wife.  Most days I was great but I had a short fuse.

Then I broke my collarbone and I was not able to use my left arm or hold anything heavy, including my toddler.  I felt depressed and sorry for myself.

As time went on I started to feel better and started to do more around the house.  The chores I dreaded were now rewards and accomplishments.  I gave thanks for everything I was able to complete.

Today I’m happy to report that I’m healed, and back to my normal routine.  The things I use to complain about are the things I am grateful for.  I give thanks to my strong body.  I give thanks that I’m able to hold my child again.  And I give thanks for my wonderful husband.

My complaining was clouding my thoughts and sending negative affirmations to the universe blocking what I want in life: health, peace, and happiness.

Studies show that our thoughts create our reality. Take a moment today to quiet your mind and make your thoughts your blessings.


Friends and family are very important to me. Every Sunday my family comes together to eat, laugh and share stories.  

On the holidays we include the larger family and our friends to celebrate with us. It’s alot of work but it’s fun and the memories we make our priceless.

Many of us work long hours and only have the weekends to catch up on the housework and rest.  But it’s also important to make time for friends and family. 

Just recently I hosted a dinner party and over casual conversation was able to see a situation that I hadn’t noticed.  This realization will save me a lot of time and get me to my destination faster.  

By slowing down, talking, and listening I was able to see something in my life  I probably would have missed if it weren’t for my friend pointing it out.  

I know it’s not always easy finding the time to make plans, and putting in the effort to host does require energy.  But the benefits of being around friends and family make it all worth it.

So pick up the phone and make plans to get together with the ones you love and celebrate life.  You won’t regret it.

Live for today 

Today I want you to try something new and that’s focusing on the now.  Not focusing on what happened yesterday or what’s coming tomorrow but being in the present.

Don’t put off anything you can do today, make the phone calls to your loved ones, take time to go outside and listen to the birds chirp.   And forgive anyone who has hurt you – let it all go. 

The only thing that matters is today.  If you are crying about yesterday or worrying about tomorrow you are robbing yourself of the present.

Life is a gift and waking up to a new day is not something we should take for granted. Today is what matters, make it count.  Live as though it’s your last day on earth.   Because tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

Find your way 

There has been a time in my life that I believed that nothing came easy and you had to struggle to reach your goals.  Then the light bulb went off and I started seeing things differently.

When I started college I choose psychology as my  major and was struggling to  keep my grades up.  I started to doubt myself and wondered if school was right for me.  Luckily I just received a “A” in my international business class and everything became clear.  I quickly changed my major and made Dean’s list.  It was that easy.

Dating was another struggle I found myself putting too much energy in the wrong men.  I recall my friend saying to me that love doesn’t hurt.   When I started to date my husband it was easy and I finally understood what my friend meant.  Love should not be a struggle and when it’s right it feels wonderful.

Be careful not to put your energy into something that doesn’t bring you happiness.  Negative emotions are good indicators that it’s time to re evaluate the situation and make a change.  Whether these emotions are towards a relationship, work or yourself pay attention to them.  But don’t over analysis your thoughts take note of what your mind is telling you, find a solution and move on.  Most importantly listen to your heart for it always holds the truth.

Life can be difficult but it doesn’t have to be.  Don’t live inside your own head of excuses.  When you find what’s right for you – you will achieve your goals effortlessly.  



Being present in the moment. Not worrying about what the day will bring.  I sit here in the now with my cup of coffee.

It’s a new day and I’m up bright and early.  The family is still sleeping which brings me a feeling of peace.  I love it when everyone is home sleeping and safe.

I remind myself to take a deep breath and stay in this moment.  I’m feeling blessed for so many reasons and energized.  I’m holding onto the energy inhaling it back in and using it to unfold my soul. 

Self reflection

Guilt has always been my poison.  For years I would go over the day’s events before bed looking for something I did wrong and can feel bad about.  And if that didn’t work I would go over my to do list to see if I forgot something important and stress over it.

This self sabotaging behavior was not doing me any good.  I had to learn to let go and not over analysis everything I said and did.  And stop being so hard on myself.  

I no longer allow myself to be self critical to that degree and if I do go there I take deep breaths which usually helps me relax and let go of any anxiety. Then I replace negative thoughts with positive ones. I also talk myself up and handle my fears with compassion. 

I strive for perfection but I know I will never achieve it.  And that’s ok because I’m perfect just the way I am.

Eyes wide open 

Do you go through life with yours eyes open keeping your destiny in mind?  Knowing that every moment in life will get you closer to your end goal?  Most of us walk around with our eyes shut making excuses on why we are not happy in life.

The excuse not to go to the gym to maintain good health.  The excuse not to take risks and better yourself.  These excuses are holding you back.  

Nothing good comes out of feeding your mind with negative thoughts.  It only makes you sick and adds unnescessary stress to your life.   

Take control of your life, happiness and health by letting go of unhealthy thoughts and negative beliefs.  

Speak kindly to yourself, allow yourself to be enough and remember  you are in control of your destiny. 

Begin with having the the end result in mind and reach for the stars.