Become powerful 

Take your pain whether it’s emotional or physical to test how strong you are.  

Use your story, emotions and passion to push you to your limit and become limitless.

Use your anxiety and anger to achieve greatness.  

Overcome your tradegies and move forward to create something beautiful.

Take what scares you and use it as fuel to push you to do the things you thought you werent capable of doing.   

When you look at your fears as tools you will be able to achieve anything.

Here is what I have learned thus far…

80% of our thoughts serve no value.

Emotional intelligence is the key to professional and personal success. 

Letting go of expectations guarantees happiness. 

I am what I allow myself to be.

You can’t escape Karma.  

The universe is a reflection pool that observes all.

People will only treat you the way you allow them to.

Everything is a lesson if you are willing to learn

Love conquers all.

You have a choice 

You can’t be positive and have negative thoughts.  You can choose to the see the good in every situation.

You can’t fully love with judgement and expectations. You can choose to love unconditionally.

You can not allow the past to hold you prisoner.  You can be present and live in the now by focusing on what’s around you at this very moment.

You can’t forgive it you are still cursing the person in your head. You can let go of the pain as it’s no longer serves you.

My friends please be sure to check your thoughts   throughout the day and make sure they align with your beliefs.  

My mantra

Be grateful everyday, and strive to be better than yesterday.  This is my mantra.  By having a personal statement you are reminded that life doesn’t control you – YOU control life.  We have the choice to be happy or miserable.

Life doesn’t just happen we make it happen.   By using free will we are creating our own reality.    Our actions causes reactions in our lives and happiness.  So before making a decision be sure to think of the consequences.

To live a peaceful life we must act with compassion towards one another.  And respect everything and everyone around us.   If we work hard for what we want, we will be able to achieve it.  Be passionate about life and create the life you want.





Today we are going to open our mind and thoughts to receiving.  We are going to be limitless and open up the gates to everything we want.  There is only abundance and love in our lives.

Life is full of love, peace and serenity.  And we deserve to allow these positive emotions into our heart and seek out what it is that we want.  There is no one holding us back from getting what we desire- good health, love, wealth and happiness is within our reach.  

Believe and you shall receive.   Keep your thoughts clear and your mind focused on what it is that you want.  We have the power to obtain our dreams and goals.  Our thoughts and actions dictate our future.  

Be open to receive – be grateful for what you have and know there are no limits on what you can achieve.  Stay balanced don’t give away your energy on what you don’t want – stay grounded and only focus on abundance.  Know that you deserve the best and the universe wants to make you happy.

Don’t waste time on worries as these negative feelings will only delay and block you from receiving.  Stay in the now – know that you are worthy to receive.  Believe you have what you need and it will be there for you.

Be good to yourself

Self care is not a luxury it’s a necessity. Most of us put ourselves last and everything else first. The needs of others are not more important than our own needs.

How is your relationship with yourself? 

Do you check in and ask yourself how you are feeling?  

What have you done for yourself to let your body know you are important?

It’s important that we do what makes us happy.  When we are happy and grounded we are healthier and stronger.  We can listen more and be more aware of our environment which makes us better people, partners, friends and parents.

What good are you to others if you are dehydrated- hungry – sick – stressed – depressed- unhealthy?  

You must check in everyday to make sure you are getting what you need in order to take care of those around you. Be good to yourself my friends. You deserve it!

It’s a beautiful day – don’t let it get away 

It’s always hard for me to sit down and rest.  There is always something I need or want to do.  I get so excited when I’m able to put a check next to an item on my to do list. But life is different now. I don’t always have the time to actually write a “to do list” it’s more of a mental check list of things to do. 

I feel more relaxed now, even though I rarely have time for myself.  There is a feeling of calm and assurance that I’m right where I’m suppose to be.

I recently read on linked in that people who are depressed live in the past while people who live in the future are anxious.  I’m perfectly content in the present.  

My spirituality gives me the confidence I need to be present.  This feeling makes me happy- secure and calm.  I love feeling calm it’s one of my favorite emotions.