Tips to a happier life 

Do you or someone you know make life much harder than it needs to be?  Here are some tips to living a happy life.

1)  Gratitude- when you give thanks you tend to focus on what is good.  

2)  Compassion – reminds us not to judge others until we walk in the other person’s shoes.

3)  Bond – having a close bond with your family and friends makes life easier and pleasurable.

4)  Unconditional love – no strings or expectations.  Pure love through an open heart.

5)  Flexibility – when you are flexible you will be able to go with the flow.  As we all know life can be unpredictable and we need to resist the urge to stay stagnant.  Being flexible to change is key to a happy life.

Eyes wide open 

Do you go through life with yours eyes open keeping your destiny in mind?  Knowing that every moment in life will get you closer to your end goal?  Most of us walk around with our eyes shut making excuses on why we are not happy in life.

The excuse not to go to the gym to maintain good health.  The excuse not to take risks and better yourself.  These excuses are holding you back.  

Nothing good comes out of feeding your mind with negative thoughts.  It only makes you sick and adds unnescessary stress to your life.   

Take control of your life, happiness and health by letting go of unhealthy thoughts and negative beliefs.  

Speak kindly to yourself, allow yourself to be enough and remember  you are in control of your destiny. 

Begin with having the the end result in mind and reach for the stars.