Keeping a routine

Its never too early to have your child on a schedule.   My child has been on a schedule since she was 3 months old.   Thanks to the daycare I enrolled her in, which expected a schedule of when she eats, sleeps and plays.  

Children who follow a routine are less stressed and happier. Worry and anxiety doesn’t exist when a child knows their routine and are familiar with their schedule.

My daughter is now 2 years old and though she’s no longer in daycare she still follows a schedule and we love it. She eats, sleeps and plays well. Which makes my life easier because I can plan my days around her naps and take her out when she’s at her best self.

It’s not always easy to stick to the schedule but once it becomes a routine it’s a blessing.  

“You’re gonna be happy”, said life, “but first I’ll make you strong”.

We have all been knocked down in life.   In order to be strong you have to endure heartache, loss and failure.  Once you live through the pain and disappointment you realize you are a survivor.   The definition of survivor is a person who copes well with difficulty in their life.

I have had my fair share of difficulties and failures which I’m grateful for. It means I’m living life and taking risks.  Most of these failures became blessings.  Because the lessons I learned were extremely valuable.  I would not be a successful woman, wife or mother if I didn’t go through the heartaches and headaches of life.

Don’t be afraid to express yourself, be vulnerable and reach for the stars.  Even if things don’t work out it will shape you and make you stronger.   Stronger to love, and live life to its fullest.

Readers do you agree that life difficulties have made you a stronger person?  Please share your comments.  So those who are hurting right now will learn that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  And nothing worth having comes easy.

The Universe is listening

From a very young age I told the world that I was not going to be married or be a mother until my late 30s.  I was going to go to a good University and then have a good paying job  on Wall street and live in NYC.  That was my goal, my dream.

My parents married at 17 years old, I believe it was because my mother was pressured and dared into it.  Before my mother left Italy with her family for America she started dating my father.  When my mother expressed to her parents that she wanted to be with her boyfriend they gave her an ultimatum marry him or move on.  She called them on it and married my father after 3 dates and 42 years later they are still happily married.  But I noticed that marriage was tough it took work, dedication and when my mother had twin daughters instead of the boy the Doctors told her, she knew that this role as a mother was a serious one and its pay was lousy.  I was going to make money and achieve big goals.

I was  lucky enough to attend a decent University and worked for some impressive financial  firms on Wall Street.  Then around the age of 35 I wondered when was I going to meet Mr. Right and be a Mom?  Up until now I never worried about it but now that my biological clock was ticking I thought to myself is this it?   Will I ever be a Mom?

Two year later I met my husband and a year later I became pregnant with my daughter.  I am happy to report that I achieved everything I set my mind to and if I only hang on for a bit longer I could have avoided that doubt and self pity.  Because the universe listened and gave me exactly what I asked for.