Change the way you feel

Tony Robbins says if you want to change the way you feel – change the way you move.

I took his advice by taking a morning walk. Every morning by 6:30am I was out the door enjoying a quiet walk with nature. I could feel my body relaxing as soon as I took in the fresh air. By the time I got to the second loop my mind was quiet. I felt at peace.

It’s amazing how important moving is. We had a few weeks of heavy rain here which caused me tremendous pain in my bones from pass injuries. I blamed the rain; my doctor blamed osteoporosis.

My pain was so bad I could hardly pick up my arm. At that point I started with stretching and from there I went to using weights and building up my muscle tone to get the strength back into my arm.

Exercise was the only thing that made me feel better and took away the pain.

Ouche! Broken collarbone : Day 1

I couldn’t believe I was getting wheeled into the emergency room.  My sister drove me and the whole time complimented me on my pain threshold.  But the truth was the pain was growing and growing.  My mind was spinning -how did I trip over my own two feet and hurt myself?  Just an hour ago we were dropping my 8 year old niece off from  dinner.  I was so happy when they invited me to their girls night.  I never imaged my evening would end at the hospital.  Shortly after getting x rays and a sling on my left arm, I was told that I had two breaks in my collar bone.  My collar bone has a z break and is in three pieces.  The healing time is 4-6 weeks followed by 4-6 weeks of rehabilitation and probably surgery.  We were advised to go speak to a surgeon.  I remember leaving the hospital crying I had my parents, sister and husband by my side.  And saying I can’t believe I won’t be able to take tango lessons on Tuesdays, or take care of myself or our 2 year old daughter.  I was so sad and overwhelmed with pain and sorrow.  That night my husband carefully tucked me into bed and went on an hour search for a 24 pharmacy to fill my pain meds prescription.  I slept like a rock carefully trying not to move.  Our daughter was staying at my sister’s house with her husband their 3 children.

Saturday morning I woke up in so much pain – my mother was kind enough to pick my daughter from my sisters and keep her for the day.  My husband helped me get ready for my Dr’s visit.  We met with a PA who was the only one working the weekend shift and advised us that surgery was needed so we made an appointment to see the surgeon on Monday.  I was so upset by this news surgery was painful – it would leave a big scar and  metal plates and screws in my body. This really bothered me and made me depressed.   The rest of the day was a blur as I sat on the couch and watched “the path” on Hulu  in between naps.  That evening my mother dropped off dinner and our daughter.   It broke my heart that I couldn’t care for our daughter, hold her, or play with her.  Our daughter understood that I had a boo boo and turned to her father who stepped in and kept the same schedule and routine.  My husband is doing a great job taking care of her.  Its  hard to give up control and take a back seat but due to the level of pain I have no choice but to trust that my husband is capable of taking care of her.