Change the way you feel

Tony Robbins says if you want to change the way you feel – change the way you move.

I took his advice by taking a morning walk. Every morning by 6:30am I was out the door enjoying a quiet walk with nature. I could feel my body relaxing as soon as I took in the fresh air. By the time I got to the second loop my mind was quiet. I felt at peace.

It’s amazing how important moving is. We had a few weeks of heavy rain here which caused me tremendous pain in my bones from pass injuries. I blamed the rain; my doctor blamed osteoporosis.

My pain was so bad I could hardly pick up my arm. At that point I started with stretching and from there I went to using weights and building up my muscle tone to get the strength back into my arm.

Exercise was the only thing that made me feel better and took away the pain.

You have a choice 

You can’t be positive and have negative thoughts.  You can choose to the see the good in every situation.

You can’t fully love with judgement and expectations. You can choose to love unconditionally.

You can not allow the past to hold you prisoner.  You can be present and live in the now by focusing on what’s around you at this very moment.

You can’t forgive it you are still cursing the person in your head. You can let go of the pain as it’s no longer serves you.

My friends please be sure to check your thoughts   throughout the day and make sure they align with your beliefs.  

My mantra

Be grateful everyday, and strive to be better than yesterday.  This is my mantra.  By having a personal statement you are reminded that life doesn’t control you – YOU control life.  We have the choice to be happy or miserable.

Life doesn’t just happen we make it happen.   By using free will we are creating our own reality.    Our actions causes reactions in our lives and happiness.  So before making a decision be sure to think of the consequences.

To live a peaceful life we must act with compassion towards one another.  And respect everything and everyone around us.   If we work hard for what we want, we will be able to achieve it.  Be passionate about life and create the life you want.





When life is out of balance and you feel like everything is in a whirlwind.  It may be time to ask for guidance.  

So many times we think we know the answers but instead we are fustrated because things don’t get easier and no matter what we try we come back to the same frustrations and pain points.

I was at a crossroad recently where I didn’t know where to turn.  While talking to a friend she suggested to quiet the mind – open my heart and ask for guidance.  Genius!  Why haven’t I thought to ask for guidance?   I believe in manifestations and the power of prayer but I usually ask for what I want.  It never occurred to me to ask for guidance.

Many times we just need to ask for help – sit still and wait for an answer -an omen -a symbol.  You see we may not always have the answer but our soul is connected to a higher being that does.  

A simple technique for a peaceful life.

We all have those days where we can’t silence the mind.  It just races with thoughts, things to do, and worries.  As your mind races you feel anxious and uneasy.

The other night this happened to me, and I was having a tough time escaping the noise.  I needed help getting centered.  So I turned on You Tube and watched Eckhart Tolle TV.

Eckhart Tolle has a smoothing voice, within minutes I was feeling better.  Eckhart’s solution to quieting the mind was to be in the present.  He spoke about the ego, “I am this”, “I have this”, “I need that”, and so on.  The ego attaches itself to wealth, possessions, roles, but the ego can not live in the present.  

As I am listening to Eckhart I start paying attention to the present.  I feel my body getting calmer, every breath I take my heart slows and my mind settles.  In the present you are not worried about what happened in the past or what the future holds.  You are living in the now.

I have been practicing this method for two weeks and am amazed by the results.  I have a feeling of power and peace.  I am at ease.