What are your thoughts saying?

I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed out over the amount of work I had.  I was in a funk and complaining a lot about the house work and the pressures of being a Mom and a wife.  Most days I was great but I had a short fuse.

Then I broke my collarbone and I was not able to use my left arm or hold anything heavy, including my toddler.  I felt depressed and sorry for myself.

As time went on I started to feel better and started to do more around the house.  The chores I dreaded were now rewards and accomplishments.  I gave thanks for everything I was able to complete.

Today I’m happy to report that I’m healed, and back to my normal routine.  The things I use to complain about are the things I am grateful for.  I give thanks to my strong body.  I give thanks that I’m able to hold my child again.  And I give thanks for my wonderful husband.

My complaining was clouding my thoughts and sending negative affirmations to the universe blocking what I want in life: health, peace, and happiness.

Studies show that our thoughts create our reality. Take a moment today to quiet your mind and make your thoughts your blessings.

Best friend or Frenemy?

I was listening to Louise Hay on you tube discussing positive affirmations.  She said “your thoughts are your best friend”.

This was a new concept for me – yes my thoughts should be my best friend but most of us will agree that our thoughts don’t always resemble a best friend but rather a frenemy. With self criticism that slows us down and causes self doubt. 

A best friend adores you – says how amazing you are, and always has your back. So why not make our thoughts our best friend?!   With enough practice we can change our thoughts to be in our favor.  And become our biggest fan.  

To practice positive affirmations: go to fellow blogger website master of something yet.com to read the best of friends 


Are layoffs a bad thing?

I never understood why companies layoff good people.  Yes I heard it’s to reduce headcount but in many large corporations a new person in the group next door is hired and the person who has been loyal and knows the system are let go.  And that makes no sense to me because the cost to onboard a new hire and the resources it takes to train them is expensive.

In any case one can make many arguments in regards to layoffs but that fact is it happens to millions of people.  But is it such a bad thing?

One faces many emotions when losing a job.  And though you may know your worth your mind still races with unfavorable thoughts in panic mode.

The truth is the company that you use to work for will not crumble without you.  And nor will you crumble without them.  In many cases you are back on the market looking for a higher position with a higher salary.  This is the time to reinvent yourself, dig down dip within yourself and show the world what you are made of.  One can not grow without challenges.  And finding a new job is a challenge but it can also be liberating as you have permission to boast about yourself, letting people know your skills and why you would be an asset to their firm.  


Being present in the moment. Not worrying about what the day will bring.  I sit here in the now with my cup of coffee.

It’s a new day and I’m up bright and early.  The family is still sleeping which brings me a feeling of peace.  I love it when everyone is home sleeping and safe.

I remind myself to take a deep breath and stay in this moment.  I’m feeling blessed for so many reasons and energized.  I’m holding onto the energy inhaling it back in and using it to unfold my soul.